6 STEM career and learning opportunities to consider this spring

March into, um, March with some new education programmes and apprenticeships that will hopefully see you on your way to a big career boost.

It is hard to believe we are already almost at the end of the first quarter of 2024. Apologies in advance if us pointing that out makes you want to tear your hair out. If it’s any consolation, there’s a lot of us in the same boat.

It’s been a little while since we compiled a list of some of the current STEM career and education opportunities out there. While we have featured two big long lists of companies hiring talent in Ireland so far in 2024 – one general one and another for AI and analytics employers – we have not yet looked at career advancement, learning or rare job postings.

We have come across quite a few good opportunities lately while browsing careers websites, so to make life easier for STEM professionals, here is most – but of course not all – of the info in one place.

Thermo Fisher Scientific apprenticeship

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s 2024 apprenticeship programme is going to be launched at the beginning of March to coincide with World Engineering Day.

It’s a four-year, paid ‘earn-as-you-learn’ programme delivered in partnership with further education and training agency Solas.

Thermo Fisher will be looking for applicants interested in working in the following sectors: electrical and instrumentation, mechanical engineering, and analytical development. Keep an eye out on its website for more details and closing dates.

Free cybersecurity safety course for teens

Online safety is a huge issue for all ages, but young people are particularly vulnerable. Enter InnovateHer, an organisation that aims to provide free training programmes for young people (of all genders, according to its website).

One course in particular is geared towards providing teens with an insight into working in the cybersecurity sector. The free digital Discover Cyber Security course treats learners as apprentices, and they are put through their paces learning skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, analysing data, online safety, problem-solving and risk identifying.

VR Health and Safety programme

BioPharmaChem Skillnet and TU Dublin teamed up to launch this initiative back in January. It follows on from the success of two previous VR programmes, Aseptic Techniques for Biomanufacturing and Power Handling.

The health and safety programme was developed in collaboration with Dr Brian Vaughan, founder and director of the Virtual Interaction Research Lab (VIRal) at TU Dublin.

More information is available via the contacts on BioPharmaChem’s website.

MSc Evidence-based Future Healthcare

Launched last year, this fully online MSc is delivered by the University of Galway. It is aimed at “busy healthcare workers seeking to transform their current practice, optimise healthcare outcomes and advance their careers in a rapidly evolving field”.

The main focus is on making sure workers are prepared to deal with the healthcare challenges of the future using the latest tech and research techniques.

According to its website, the course is linked with the internationally recognised centres of excellence of Evidence Synthesis Ireland, Cochrane Ireland and the HRB Trials Methodology Research Network.

ESRI research roles

The Economic and Social Research Institute in Ireland (ESRI) has a couple of research vacancies in energy, climate and transport-related disciplines.

You can see its website for more details and to apply. The application deadlines for all are in early March.

Diploma in Data Analytics and AI

Run by Chartered Accountants Ireland, this online programme aims to give finance professionals a solid overview of all things data. It has content on AI and robotic process automation, too.

If you’re already a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland you get a special rate but other professionals can take the course too, they will just have to pay a bit more.

It takes around six months to complete and starts on 10 April.

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