9 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms in 2024

Have you ever been intrigued by the idea of copy trading but weren’t sure where to start? Well, wonder no more.

In this article, I’ll be breaking down the nine best crypto copy trading platforms around that can help take the guesswork out of your investment strategy. Stick around, and by the end, you’ll have a full toolbox of options to help turbocharge your portfolio.

The best crypto trading platforms in 2024:

  1. eToro – Best for beginners
  2. Bybit – Best for social trading
  3. Shrimpy – The most customizable platform
  4. 3Commas – Best trading bot platform
  5. Pionex – Best for altcoins
  6. Zignaly – Best free option
  7. BitGet – Top exchange for altcoin trading
  8. Binance – Best overall exchange
  9. AvaTrade – Best for forex traders

Types of copy trading strategies

Before you decide which platform to use, it’s important to understand the different types of copy trading strategies available:

  • Signal Copiers – These platforms allow users to automatically copy trade signals generated by professional traders. Signal providers share their intended buy/sell orders which copiers can then replicate on their accounts.
  • Mirror Traders – Mirror trading platforms connect traders directly to a selected guru and replicate their portfolio in real time. Copiers are investing in the same trades with identical position sizes.
  • Algorithmic Trading – Certain platforms use AI and algorithms to analyze traders’ past performance and identify the most profitable strategies. Copiers can then invest in baskets of trades selected by the algorithms.
  • Social Trading – On social platforms, copiers can view traders’ profiles and performance history. Beyond simply copying trades, users can also interact, follow discussion boards, and get trading tips.
Strategy Description
Manual Copy Trading Manually place the same trades as the trader you follow. Requires actively monitoring their trades.
Automated Copy Trading The platform automatically places the same trades as the trader you follow without manual intervention.
Peer-to-Peer Copy Trading Allows other users to directly copy your trades. You can become the “guru” and earn commissions.

As you can see, different platforms focus on different types or combinations of strategies. Knowing which approach matches your preferred style and time commitment is important for choosing the right fit.

Keeping these different strategies in mind will help you pick the right copy trading platform for your goals and risk tolerance. Now without further ado, let’s check out nine top platforms for 2024.

Automate success with the top 9 crypto copy-trading platforms of 2024

In the following sections, you will find reviews of the best copy-trading platforms for 2024. Keep in mind that the following ranking doesn’t necessarily indicate that one platform is better than another but rather that it reflects this author’s opinion on the matter.

 1. eToro – Best for beginners

eToro is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

One of the earliest pioneers of copy trading, eToro is still a great option today, thanks to its huge selection of leading traders to follow across multiple asset classes. eToro uses a social trading model and is best known for its easy-to-use interface.

Users can browse detailed profiles of experienced traders, see their past performance, and read comments from others who have already started copying their portfolios. The platform’s paper trading feature also allows trying out strategies risk-free before going live.

While eToro has grown to offer stocks, ETFs, currencies, and commodities, crypto still remains very popular on the platform. Countless top traders specialize in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. You can even message traders directly to discuss strategies before copying them.

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Fees are minimal, with only a small percentage of profits paid to the lead trader. However, eToro can feel limited since it only allows copying a single trader at a time. Still, for beginners just dipping their toes into crypto waters, eToro provides a safe way to follow industry experts.

Who is it for? Beginners, social copy traders, simple buy-and-hold portfolios.

  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Wide selection of traders and assets
  • Educational resources available


  • Higher fees than some competitors
  • Minimum $200 deposit required


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2. Bybit – Best for social trading

Bybit is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

For serious crypto speculators, Bybit stands head and shoulders above the competition. This sophisticated trading platform for digital assets boasts weekly competitions awarding thousands to its top-performing “Principal Traders.” Naturally, that lures plenty of skilled traders willing to broadcast their strategies.

Followers can replicate winners with a single click and watch their copy orders sync in real-time. Bybit’s automated trading bots also study successful strategies to replicate profitable patterns independent of human input. Principal Traders even earn a 10% kickback of followers’ gains as an incentive.

Bybit works seamlessly across all devices and draws power users with advanced charting tools, 100x leverage, and a vast selection of coins beyond the usual suspects. It outclasses most as a professional-grade, copy-trading wonderland for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and is one of the best crypto exchanges overall.

Who is it for? Bybit is well-suited for active traders seeking leverage and customization. New users may find the interface complex compared to simpler options.

  • Excellent trading tools and resources
  • Low fees, especially for high traders
  • Optimized for grid/arbitrage bots
  • Earn commissions as a principal trader


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Advanced order types require experience
  • Mobile app is limited compared to the desktop website


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3. Shrimpy – The most customizable platform

Shrimpy is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

Shrimpy bills itself not as a cryptocurrency exchange but rather as a portfolio manager for crypto holdings stored across any supported platform. Buy once and let Shrimpy bots reallocate weights based on preset goals or the demonstrated success of public strategies.

Its automated trading accounts for both taxes and market volatility in rebalancing decisions. Canny algorithms help trim losers and let winners run without constant human guidance. Best of all, Shrimpy remains incredibly affordable at just $10/month for its premium tools – a downright steal compared to many rivals.

While its trading selection lags giants like Binance, Shrimpy outperforms as a set-it-and-forget crypto portfolio solution. The hands-off automation frees users to focus on the bigger picture rather than tedious swaps and micromanagement. For passive investors, it’s tough to find a better hands-off helper.

Who is it for? Shrimpy is ideal for hands-off portfolio management without switching exchanges. However, fees apply to premium features and signals.

  • Automated portfolio management
  • Copy positions across exchanges
  • Intelligent rebalancing protocols
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Not an exchange – lacks trading features
  • Steep learning curve for complex bots
  • Rebalancing may incur high trading fees


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4. 3Commas – Best trading bot platform


3Commas is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

A popular choice for crypto traders of all experience levels, 3Commas operates as a signal trading platform with an additional twist – their web-based dashboard lets you program custom trading bots with conditional orders, trailing stops, and other advanced strategies.

Bots come pre-built for major exchanges like Binance, OKX, and more. Strategy authors share their code so others can copy automat​ed trades with a single click. History performance is displayed alongside strategy filters to align with your preferred risk level.

Copying trades is free, but 3Commas takes a small fee from winning bot strategies’ profits each month. Their web interface is also easy to access from any device. Whether you copy others or share your own strategies, 3Commas’ powerful trading tools are excellent for both beginners and experienced crypto investors.

Who is it for? Serious traders, portfolio automation, multi-strat coverage

  • Extremely customizable strategies
  • Advanced order types
  • Crypto trading bot marketplace


  • Complex interface may be difficult for beginners
  • Higher trading fees than some


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5. Pionex – Best for altcoins

Pionex is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

A feature-rich crypto exchange as well as a copy trading platform, Pionex supports margin trading with up to 100x leverage for increased risk and reward potential. Their social trading offering lets users browse an extensive leaderboard of top traders ranked by recent performance metrics.

What makes Pionex stand out is its built-in automated trading bot creation toolset. Using an intuitive visual interface, anyone can program their trading bot strategies step-by-step without the coding experience required. Bots can then be shared publicly for anyone to copy trades immediately.

With zero fees for makers, Pionex pricing is very aggressive. Drawbacks mainly involve their smaller selection of tradable crypto pairs compared to top-tier exchanges. However, beginning traders will love the tutorials and hands-on tools for learning to develop strategies on their own over time.

Who is it for? True beginners, simplistic copying without complexity

  • User-friendly interface
  • Low fees. Generous deposit bonus
  • Integrated trading terminal


  • Small trader community and tight spreads


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6. Zignaly – Best free option

Zignaly is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

A crypto signals platform with an edge, Zignaly scans hundreds of crypto exchanges to aggregate the highest quality trading opportunities from bots and skilled manual traders. Using social profiles, strategy history, and other quant data, they rank strategies based on risk-adjusted returns.

New traders can browse top performers, read strategy descriptions directly from creators, and start copying trades with confidence. Automated mirroring happens through the Zignaly bot, which places copies of live signals directly into a user’s exchange account behind the scenes.

With up to 50x leverage available and a generous referral program, Zignaly rewards users who invite new traders as well as strategy authors. Another win is their seamless mobile app, making signals accessible from anywhere. Drawbacks are higher than 10% profit-sharing fees compared to some competitors.

Who is it for? Experienced traders managing complex automated strategies across platforms. Those valuing cross-platform automation.

  • Affordable pricing model
  • Customizable risk settings
  • Strategy backtesting available


  • Small selection of supported exchanges currently


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7. BitGet – Top exchange for altcoin trading

BitGet is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

We’re now firmly in the realm of heavyweight crypto exchanges like market leader BitGet. In addition to deep liquidity and 100x leverage on numerous coins and futures contracts, this platform wows with social features geared for copycats.

Users scan an information-rich leaderboard displaying top traders ranked by recent performance, copy volume, and more. Filter options skip imposters to pinpoint reliable heavy hitters likely to stay ahead of the pack. Once found, a single click duplicates their open positions for potentially easy gains.

Best of all, BitGet runs promotions awarding millions in bonuses to draw both established investors and eager pupils. Traders benefit from exposure while novices obtain elite guidance without breaking a sweat – a win-win recipe for any copy trading platform. BitGet easily earns a spot among the elite.

Who is it for? Provides competitive fees and features for active traders. Newer investors may prefer platforms with simpler interfaces, however.

  • Leaderboard of top crypto futures traders
  • Automated copy Trading tools
  • Low fees on contracts
  • Great for futures and options strategies
  • Reliable platform for derivatives


  • Basic spot exchange features
  • Steep learning curve for advanced trading
  • Mobile app could see improvements


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 8. Binance – Best overall exchange

Binance is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

As the biggest fish in the crypto exchange sea, Binance naturally supports powerful copy trading tools. Under its “Strategy” tab, anyone can broadcast their automated trading blueprints for others to instantly piggyback without coding expertise.

Binance also thrives due to its massive coin selection order depth and low fees. Copy traders can feel confident executing virtually any strategy on this liquid titan. Beyond manual copying, advanced native bots configure complex rebalancing, grids, and other algorithms with just a few clicks.

While setup complexity exceeds simpler counterparts, adventurous investors gain access to Binance’s immense global community and opportunities rarely found elsewhere. Its pro-level charting further charms hard data geeks. Few platforms strike the perfect balance of user-friendliness and high-roller features like Binance.

Who is it for? Binance is excellent for accessibility, given its brand recognition. However, interfaces can be complex, and regulations have impacted services in some countries.

  • Enormous range of trading options
  • Automated Binance Strategy copying
  • Advanced charting and order types
  • Staking, lending for passive income
  • Robust security and liquidity


  • Overwhelming for beginners
  • Higher fees than some competitors
  • Interface optimized for pros/quants


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 9. AvaTrade – Best for forex traders

AvaTrade is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in 2024

Veteran forex broker AvaTrade made similarly powerful inroads into cryptocurrencies thanks to robust social trading functionality. It supports all major coins and grants access to countless verified signal providers via its copy trading center.

Promotions unlock signaler subscriptions at no cost for trial runs. AvaTrade ensures safety and transparency with comprehensive trader stats, including past performance, current portfolio breakdowns, and provable trades. Users enjoy complete isolation from signal generators, too, preventing interference or tampering with orders.

While geared toward more advanced FX veterans, AvaTrade offers yet another proven bridge between traditional and cryptocurrency investing. It affords experienced traders global exposure while guiding curious novices with accurate signaler data – the best of both worlds for any platform.

Who is it for? MetaTrader traders and forex pairs.

  • Automated portfolio management tools
  • EU regulated with insurance on deposits
  • Follow top traders across asset classes
  • Copying algorithm manages risk exposure
  • Customer support available globally


  • Lacks social interactions and customizability
  • Higher fees than pure crypto exchanges
  • Limited control over specific trades copied


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Key benefits of copy trading

We found the answer to the question of what is crypto copy trading. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of this. Copy trading provides numerous advantages over flying solo:

  • Access professional-level crypto strategies without intensive learning curves or high risks that come with self-directed trading.
  • Leverage the research and market expertise of verified top traders constantly monitoring opportunities across all major exchanges.
  • Try strategies through paper trading before investing real funds and identify styles matching your preferences like risk tolerance, time commitment, and market conditions.
  • Automate portfolio management so you can selectively copy positions across multiple traders and exchanges suited to a diversified approach.
  • Lower costs over trading yourself through waived fees applied by many platforms and lower trading frequency that limits impact hits.
  •  Gain crypto market exposure without narrowly focusing on any single exchange, pair, or asset that introduces an unnecessary element of risk.
  • Removes emotional decisions from the equation that often lead retail traders to make suboptimal moves like chasing rallies or panic selling at bottoms.

Copy trading-related risks

Of course, no investment is without risk and some key factors to watch with copy trading include:

  • Past performance is not indicative of future results. No strategy works consistently and markets can turn against even top performers.
  • Lack of transparency in traders’ risk management practices or potential for strategy changes that alter their edge over time.
  • Bias in social data where certain traders may manipulate metrics to attract followers. Always verify claimed returns through backtesting tools.
  • Potential for increased tax liability through the higher trading frequency of certain automated or high turnover strategies copied.
  • Platform or exchange risks like outages, security flaws, or regulatory crackdowns disrupt copy trading crypto activity.

With prudent portfolio management and risk controls on platforms, these downsides can be mitigated. But it pays to do comprehensive due diligence on any trader and use paper trading initially to test compatibility.

The bottom line: Streamlined exposure to crypto markets through 9 top copy trading platforms

Cryptocurrency copy trading brings the promise of exposure to sophisticated strategies without some of the steep learning curves and risks of self-directed trading. By selectively choosing among the top platforms evaluated here, investors can potentially boost returns while enjoying the benefits of diversification and automation. Just be sure to properly vet traders, use risk controls, and never invest more capital than you’d be comfortable losing in typical market swings. With diligent research and portfolio management, copy trading can become a powerful tool for participating in the crypto market upside over the long term.

While some of the platforms in the article carry out copy trading on their interface, some use the order books of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. If you need to connect a CEX API to a copy trading bot, you should also check out the best crypto day trading exchanges. If you want to get higher returns by taking more risks, the best crypto futures exchanges are more suitable for your risk profile. Copy trading is not the only way to trade crypto using automation tools, arbitrage scanners also offer methods to make profits.

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