A Comprehensive Guide to the “A Deal with Ursula” Quest 


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Embarking on the enchanting journey through Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “A Deal with Ursula” quest is both thrilling and challenging. This quest becomes available once players reach Level 10 in Ursula’s friendship level, and unlocking it involves a series of prerequisites  

This includes unlocking the Forgotten Lands, completing “The Missing Prince” quest featuring Ariel, and achieving the coveted Level 10 friendship status with Ursula. The journey, however, is not without its hurdles. Accumulating 15,000 Dreamlight to clear the Night Thorns of the Forgotten Lands proves to be a time-consuming task.  

Now, let’s delve into a step-by-step guide to conquer the intricacies of the “A Deal with Ursula” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Explore the Ruins of the Forgotten Lands

Begin your quest by navigating to the ruins, marked by a character waypoint on the map. The Crystal Key Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley will guide you to this mysterious and essential destination.

Obtain the Dark Crystal

Within the ruins, locate the Dark Crystal on the pedestal. Once secured, present it to Ursula to progress in the quest.

Uncover the Second Crystal

Encounter a hurdle as the next Crystal is obstructed by a bone barrier at Sunlit Plateau. Overcome this obstacle by unlocking the Wishing Well at the plateau and transporting it to the required location.

Retrieve the Third Crystal

Head to the Glade of Trust, near Mother Gothel’s house, to find the third Crystal. This part of the quest adds a layer of complexity to the adventure.

Secure the Last Crystal

Reach Frosted Heights to obtain the final Crystal. The character waypoint in this region will guide you to the last piece of the puzzle.

Place Crystals on Pedestals

Return to the ruins and strategically place all the acquired Crystals on the pedestals, a crucial step in assisting Ursula.

Claim the Magical Crystal of power

Once the Crystals are in place, a Magical Crystal will appear behind you. Seize it and present it to Ursula, marking the completion of the quest.

Unlock Prince Eric’s Storyline

The successful conclusion of the “A Deal with Ursula” quest unlocks the subsequent mission, “Poor Unfortunate Prince,” initiating Prince Eric’s storyline.

As players immerse themselves in the magical realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, certain challenges may impede their progress. One notable obstacle is the reported Ursula Quest bug, which has left some players unable to proceed further in the game. 

Reports Analysis 

Reports suggest that despite placing the crystals on the pedestals as instructed, the game fails to recognize their presence, preventing players from advancing. The issue has persisted for some time, and while developers have released updates, a permanent solution remains elusive. 

Acknowledging the concern, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter handle has confirmed the ongoing investigation into the Ursula Quest bug. Although an official fix timeframe is yet to be announced, players can anticipate a patch soon. 

Players may find relief in a potential workaround – closing and rebooting the game. Some PC gamers have reported success with this method, offering a glimmer of hope for those having passion yet facing the Ursula Quest bug. 

Why to follow the guide

In the enchanting realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players navigate through a myriad of quests, each presenting its own set of challenges. The “Ursula Quest Guide” becomes a beacon of assistance for players, offering valuable insights into the intricate journey. As players embark on the quest, they find themselves in different areas, where the needle-in-the-haystack scenario unfolds.  

The unique crystals, vital for progression, are scattered in these areas, requiring a keen eye. Meanwhile, magic gates offer portals to captivating story quests, adding depth to the narrative. Amidst the adventure, red algae adds a touch of mystique. With each discovery, Disney Dreamlight Valley unveils its captivating story quest, inviting players into a world of magic and exploration.


What is the significance of the set of pedestals in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The set of pedestals serves as a crucial element in various quests within Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is prominently featured in the “A Deal with Ursula” quest, where players must strategically place the obtained crystals to progress. 

How is the “Poor Unfortunate Eric” item connected to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The “Poor Unfortunate Eric” item is an integral part of the storyline initiated after completing the “A Deal with Ursula” quest. This quest unlocks Prince Eric’s storyline, and the item likely plays a significant role in the narrative or in further game progression.  

What role does Merlin play in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and where is he encountered?

Players can encounter Merlin in different locations across the game, where he might provide guidance, quests, or assistance.  

Why are signpost significant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Signpost serve as essential navigation tools within Disney Dreamlight Valley. They guide players to specific locations, waypoints, and important landmarks, enhancing the overall exploration experience. 

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