Across China: Italian Scientist Sees Vibrant China Amid Spring Festival Travel Rush

HEFEI, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 9th Feb, 2024) With the Spring Festival around the corner, Nicola D’Ascenzo, an Italian professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, expertly checked the high-speed railway tickets using an app on his smartphone.

A professor of electronic engineering and information science, D’Ascenzo is also one of the leading experts in digital positron emission tomography (PET), a type of nuclear medicine procedure that measures the metabolic activity of the cells in body tissues.

D’Ascenzo has lived in China for 10 years.

He travels between major cities in China by high-speed train almost every weekend, including Hefei, Wuhan, Suzhou and Beijing, where he and his team are working on research and cooperation projects.

This year, China’s Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on Feb. 10. The 40-day travel surge, known as “chunyun,” begun 15 days before the festival, and is projected to generate around 9 billion passenger trips. This represents China’s largest annual population migration.

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