Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Faces Crucial Floor Test Today, Can RJD Spoil BJP-JDU’s Party? | India News

  • February 12, 2024

New Delhi: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, who joined the NDA after a sudden change of alliance, has to show his majority in the assembly today. Before that, the political scene in Patna has heated up due to the ongoing meetings at Tejashwi Yadav’s residence. Is RJD of Lalu Yadav planning to play any game in the floor test? This question has been lingering in the political air for many days. Some RJD MLAs are staying at Tejashwi’s house with clothes and bags.

On the other hand, JD(U) MLAs have been kept at Hotel Chanakya fearing the glow of the ‘lantern’. BJP MLAs have also been moved to another hotel. The scare of Operation Lotus that was in some states, is now the talk of Operation Lantern in Bihar. Meanwhile, the slogans of ‘Tejashwi is needed’ have definitely kept the ruling party’s heartbeat high.

Does BJP-JD(U) Have Enough Numbers?

The reason for the commotion in Patna before the floor test is the political number of 8. Actually, RJD has 79, Congress has 19 and Left has 19 MLAs. In this way, the grand alliance’s number reaches 114. They are only 8 MLAs short of majority. On the other hand, in the NDA camp, BJP has 78, JD(U) has 45, HAM i.e.

Jitanram Manjhi has four and one independent MLA’s support. This number is 128, i.e. 6 MLAs more than the majority. If 7-8 MLAs break away or ‘vanish’, then it can be trouble for Nitish. Nitish will have to get the number of 122 to save power in the 243 seats of the Bihar assembly. 

When Nitish Kumar had made the government with the BJP by turning his back, Tejashwi Yadav had said that the game would start now. For a week, the RJD camp has been shouting – this is the demand of every person, we want only Tejashwi government. One reason for Nitish’s heartbeat to rise is also that why is RJD claiming to form Tejashwi government without the numbers?

A few hours ago, there was also news that Manjhi’s number is not working. A senior leader of the Left also met Manjhi. There, 2-3 MLAs did not reach the JD(U) meeting. Sources have revealed that Sudarshan Kumar Singh, Bima Bharti and Dilip Roy did not appear in the JDU meeting. One more game before the floor test today!

State Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary did not pay much attention to the absence of two-three MLAs in the JD(U) MLAs’ meeting. He said that there are 128 MLAs in the NDA. We are in a majority situation. All our MLAs will be present in the House today. Before the confidence vote, a no-confidence motion will come against the Speaker. He told that if necessary under the rules, 38 MLAs will stand on their seats to support the proposal, after which the Speaker will have to hand over the conduct of the proceedings to the Deputy Speaker till a new Speaker is elected.

Actually, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly is Maheshwar Hazari from JD(U) and the Speaker is Awadh Bihari Chaudhary from RJD. In the past few days, there was a lot of discussion that some game could happen in Bihar through the Speaker. After all, the Speaker is supreme in the House.

RJD spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav said angrily that the arrival of the government officials in the party’s marathon meeting for two days proves that the government has not only lost the public mandate, but also the trust. This is RJD’s meeting. BJP is holding a workshop, so that is a Rasleela and RJD is holding a meeting with the MLAs, so the character is loose. The people of the government send the magistrate to find out which MLAs are on their own or not? This does not work in democracy.

RJD’s Attack

It was said on Lalu’s party’s ex-handle, ‘Nitish Kumar has sent police in thousands to surround Tejashwi ji’s residence due to the fear of losing the government. They want to enter the house by any means and do something unpleasant with the MLAs. The people of Bihar are watching the misdeeds of Nitish Kumar and the police.’ Many experts who keep an eye on Bihar’s politics believe that by changing sides repeatedly, Nitish Kumar’s popularity has decreased on one hand

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