Cheat Codes For ‘Princess and Conquest’: Beginners Guide

  • February 12, 2024

Cheat Codes For Princess and Conquest

‘Princess and Conquest’ is an adult game that has RPG, exploration as well as managing elements in it. In this game, traits can be acquired via quests and events that may alter your character’s skills and how he interacts with the other characters in it.

The aim of the game ‘Princess and Conquest’ is to discover the world, meet many princesses, and form connections with them. The primary objective is to vanquish the evil force that seeks to destroy the land and restore peace. To achieve this goal, players can fight battles, complete quests and also organize their party.


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Get ahead and gloriously make your way in this popular game with these cheat codes and tips for beginners. From unlocking new characters to levelling up faster, we have got you covered with these codes, where each code unlocks a new dimension of entertainment.


‘Princess and Conquest’ Cheat Codes v0.20.03 (latest)

729746 Get Diana Portfolio (CG Gallery item)
628362 Upgrade every Knight Trait to “++”
902256 Access CANDY cheat menu
126792 Change weather to your liking
511238 Make all Princesses succubi
166419 Revert all Princesses to their starting weight
282517 Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for every Princess
519321 Make all Princesses THICC
913243 Resurrect any Princess that died during this playthrough and make them available in the Putridarium
407895 Change Knight Trait
516362 Stop/Resume siege progression
481176 Progeny get!
684856 Progeny Reskill
793650 Get every Costume
262126 Get every Weapon
720755 Get every Armor
448662 Kingdom: TOTAL WAR!
137253 Diplomacy reset
256143 Peaceful Kingdom~
700614 Reach max level with the “Knights INC.”
798970 Hero Broken Hero! (All Stats maxed)
622094 Unlock every animation + gallery teleport item
441297 Randomize/De-randomize Princesses and Soldiers
754120 Change Season
843767 Set Merchant Princess location
798714 Make all Princesses pregnant
445263 Access Bank CANDY cheat menu
952216 Get all the dowries!
998411 Set Kingdom Lewdness (0~99)
359786 Toggle ON/OFF Prince looks for every Princess
212368 Party Kingdom! (100% chance of Desert Festival/Tea Party/Spookfest/Chillbite Blessing/Bloomgaze Festival)
374952 Get all Resistances (Poison, Heat, Cold, Diving)
426982 Get a series of delicacies from the Kingdom (10x)
334474 Broken Hero Hero! (All Stats back to normal)
191362 Relationship with all the Princesses to 5
902561 Relationship with all the Princesses to 0
419188 Affinity with every Reign to 10 (Reign AFF Max)
429172 Affinity with every Reign to 0 (Reign AFF Min)

How to Activate Cheat Codes? 

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Now that you have the latest cheat codes, here is how to use the cheat codes and activate them in Princess & Conquest.

  1. Start the game
  2. Visit the main menu option.
  3. Locate the ‘settings’ option and then click on it.
  4. There is a ‘Cheat Code’ option available.
  5. In the following text box, enter this code and then click on “Redeem”.
  6. You get your bonus immediately.


Master These to conquer ‘Princess and Conquer’ (Beginner friendly) 

Advancing the Game

  • In the case of ‘Princess and Conquest’, to go south, you need to advance through the game’s narrative while uncovering various locations. If you keep traveling around the world map and finishing quests, sooner or later, it will bring you southward, where new places open up along with different people or some dilemmas.
  • One of the important things in managing characters’ health is to let them rest during the game. When you want to rest, use the Camp option. Camping heals your party’s health and mana and also decreases stress. Resting is activated by resting at the campfires that are placed all over the game world.
  • When camping in the game ‘Princess and Conquest’, one must locate a suitable area for a campsite on the world map. It enables you to interact with many different activities, such as resting, crafting and also talking to your party members. It is important to camp to preserve your party’s status and get ready for future challenges.
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  • The highest level available to a Knight in this game is not clearly stated, because the game could receive new updates that might alter the level limits. But raising your Knight is very necessary for the development of the game and also for improved opponents. Note that when you kill a Golem Mob and collect Cogs, you need at least 20 of them.
  • The amount of time it takes to beat the game ‘Princess and Conquest’ can change based on the personal playing style as well as how much content one delves into. A player can spend tens of hours on a single play-through to finish the main storyline, and more adventurous explorations and side quests would make the playing even longer.
  • Some activities in the game lead to an increase in wealth including completing quests, battles, and also effective management. Trading and economic strategies also contribute to the wealth accumulation in the game.


  • Part of the mature characterizations in “Princess and Conquest” is getting a princess pregnant. This usually means establishing a close relationship with one of the princesses, participating in particular activities and seeking further development from the story of the event. Details may change with the princess and other updates that are made to this game.
  • The idol Princess in ‘Princess and Conquest’ represents a specific character of the game often connected to some particular features like unique power or plotline. While traversing the map, the players may encounter Princess and sometimes have many ways to recruit or interact with her.
  • In this game, a stick with a lump is one of the humorous items that can be found. It is a parody of the typical RPG items that do not have any use whatsoever but will add some comedic element to the game.
  • Getting into the room of a human princess in ‘Princess and Conquest’ requires the completion of certain questlines or events. The game usually offers many hints or cues to inform the players about the actions required to allow them entry into the forbidden regions.


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  • In ‘Princess and Conquest’ there is a character called ‘Malt Princess’ and is located in distinct areas of this game. It is recommended to learn new territories and the questlines to meet the Malt Princess.
  • The size of the party in the game depends on the player’s position and also all the princesses that have been enlisted. With more gathered princesses, the power of your party can increase as their number becomes even larger.
  • The Rabbit Princess in the game ‘Princess and Conquest’ may be found at particular spots on the map. Players should visit the places related to rabbits or they can also accept questlines that end up in the recruitment of a princess representing this animal.


  • Sleep in ‘Princess and Conquest’ is a very crucial part of obtaining the maximum performance from your party and character. Sleeping at the campfires or other resting places lets your characters regain health, and mana and also allows reducing stress so they are prepared to meet the next obstacles.
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  • In the Princess and Conquest game, you might restore water by pausing at certain points or undertaking activities that increase your characters’ moisture. To ensure the party’s overall health, hydration is very important.
  • In ‘Princess and Conquest’, the Chunga root is most probably an in-game gadget that has many capabilities. Players should refer to the game documentation or tooltips to learn how Chunga’s root advantages and its uses are explained there.
  • Get a dragon heir, and equip them with swirlies and decent gear so that killing the groups of enemies does not leave you annoyed. Such is no longer a battle situation since you are effortlessly dismantling everything around you.
  • The insect hive in ‘Princess and Conquest’ is an area within the virtual world that represents a place of residence for the insects. Players may need to travel to certain areas or complete the quest lines in order for them to find the insect hive and its associated content.
  • In order to play the Princess and Conquest game on the full screen, one can typically choose the ‘full-screen’ option from either the settings or menu option. However, the procedure can differ slightly based on a particular platform or version and hence consulting the game documentation is advisable.
  • The flying in ‘Princess and Conquest’ may be included as a part of some events or powers that are gained during the process of playing. It is available to the players after having followed the storyline, fulfilled some specified quests or opened a character with flying abilities.


Steam Achievements and in-game medals for the save file are disabled after using cheats. Always set how much g you are adding. This implies that if you switch them on a save game and go back to your latest existing prior to their activation state, then the remainder will be competent at receiving achievements unless they have been already activated.

Always remember that using cheat codes could change the expected outcome for a player, and therefore one should use these wisely with a focus on entertainment and game progress. Moreover, cheat codes might not be available in all of the game’s versions and therefore it is always important to keep checking for recent and also trusted resources for the correct data.

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