Congress making me scapegoat for failed seat-sharing talks: Ashok Chavan

BJP MP Ashok Chavan on Friday took a dig at his former colleagues in the Maharashtra Congress for blaming him for not getting key seats in the seat-sharing deal with their allies.

Chavan, who recently switched over to the BJP after quitting Congress, blamed the state Congress leaders for their “lack of diplomacy and business acumen” for failed seat-sharing talks.

The Congress and its Maha Vikas Aghadi allies in Maharashtra — Shiv Sena (UBT) and NCP (Sharadchandra Pawar) — are having differences over seat-sharing for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. While no consensus has been reached over seat-sharing, Sharad Pawar-led NCP faction declared its candidate on the Bhiwandi seat and Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena faction named Chandrahar Patil from Sangli, which has irked the Congress.

Reacting to some reports which blamed him for the failed talks, Ashok Chavan said he was being made a “scapegoat” by state Congress leaders as he was no longer associated with the party.

“There is no decision-making ability among the Maharashtra Congress leaders. They say my name because they want to talk about someone. According to them, Chavan is a soft target. They think they can say anything about Ashok Chavan and it will not make any difference to anyone. It is convenient to criticise Ashok Chavan,” the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP said.

“Congress leaders cannot face the wrath of office bearers, aspirants and activists. So they are making these statements for distraction,” he added.

Chavan said when he was with the Congress, he took a firm stand not to give up the Bhiwandi seat.

“Even Hingoli’s seat would not have been spared. There was no question of leaving Sangli seat. I was trying for these seats. I was insisting that Congress get three seats in Mumbai,” Chavan said.

“Basically, Maharashtra Congress lacks diplomacy. They have no business acumen. They are not educated enough to occupy maximum space in their ranks. All this is the result of just sitting in meetings and chatting, going to five-star hotels and eating. Maharashtra Congress leaders are not interested in any seat sharing. That is why failure has fallen in their ranks,” he added.

Published On:

Apr 6, 2024

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