‘Congress Treated Me Like Curry Leaves’: Baba Siddique After Joining Ajit Pawar’s NCP | India News

  • February 10, 2024

Mumbai: In a surprising turn of events, Baba Siddique, a significant minority face of the Congress in Mumbai, bid farewell to the party that had been his political home for 48 years. This departure marked a substantial shift as Siddique formally joined Ajit Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on a Saturday that saw political dynamics in Mumbai undergo a noteworthy transformation.

‘Congress Does Politics of Perception’

Siddique did not mince words when expressing his reasons for leaving the Congress. Accusing the party of indulging in politics of perception, he emphasized that while they sought votes, they failed to reciprocate with substantive actions. In a biting statement, he stated, “Congress does politics of perception, they want our votes but don’t want to give anything.”




Was Treated Like ‘Curry Leaves’ in Congress: Siddique 

Comparing his treatment in Congress to the use of ”curry leaves” in enhancing the taste of food, Siddique shed light on the depth of his discontent. Speaking to ANI, he elaborated, “My condition in the Congress was how curry leaves are used to enhance the taste of food. I was treated like that in the Congress Party.” This analogy provided a vivid picture of his perceived marginalization within the party.

Mixed Emotions: Sadness Over The Breakup, Yet Relief

Expressing a mix of emotions, Siddique remarked, “I am sad but happy too.” The sadness stemmed from his nearly five-decade association with the Congress, acknowledging that parting ways after such a long tenure was not easy. However, he alluded to a sense of relief, emphasizing the need to move on when one’s voice is not heard.

Baba Siddique’s Political Legacy

Baba Siddique’s political journey includes a ministerial stint during the Congress-NCP coalition’s rule in Maharashtra. His decision to align with Ajit Pawar’s NCP at this juncture adds a layer of complexity to the political landscape, particularly considering the recent Election Commission decision favouring Ajit Pawar’s faction.

Son’s Political Future Hangs In Balance

As Siddique embarks on this new political chapter, the question about his son, Zeeshan Siddique, also looms. Currently, a Congress MLA from Bandra (East) in Mumbai, Zeeshan’s political allegiance remains uncertain. When questioned about his son’s potential move to the NCP, Siddique remained cryptic, stating, “He is independent, and he will take his own decision.”

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