Cop Dressed As Teddy Bear Arrests Drug Dealer In Peru’s Lima

  • February 16, 2024

Cop Dressed As Teddy Bear Arrests Drug Dealer In Peru's Lima

The Peruvian policeman arrested two women from the house where raid was conducted.

A policeman in Peru chose an interesting costume to capture an alleged drug dealer in capital Lima. The BBC said that the undercover cop took part in the operation dressed as a teddy bear and carried a fake box of chocolates to the house of the target. The operation was carried out on Valentine’s Day. According to a video released by Peru’s national police agency, a woman is seen leaving the house, before she is pinned down by the police. The police later carried out a thorough search of the house and found a bag containing drugs under a mattress.

Two women were arrested at the end of the raid, the BBC further said. One of them was handcuffed by the officer, who was without the mask but still wearing the teddy bear costume.

London Evening Standard said that the police also recovered more than 1,000 packages of cocaine paste from the house.

“Can you imagine a triple-plush teddy bear captured a drug dealer? On the day of love and friendship?” it quoted Peruvian National Police spokesman Jose Honorio as saying.

The police officer in disguise held a sign saying ‘You are my reason to smile’ and the suspect mistakenly thought it was her partner.

The raid was carried out by Peru’s Escuadron Verde (Green Squad) – a plainclothes unit dedicated to fighting street crimes, including robberies and drug dealing.

In December, a Peruvian policeman dressed as Santa Claus carried out a drug bust near capital Lima. A video of the raid released by the Peruvian National Police showed the cop in full fancy dress using a sledgehammer to break down the door to a building. The undercover operation led to the arrest of two men selling forms of cocaine and marijuana in the house in Huaral, some 70 kilometres north of the Peruvian capital.

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