DeeStream pushes beyond Monero and Solana in 2024 predictions

  • February 10, 2024

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Some online platforms are trying to balance user privacy, asset security, and scalability, which is important for crypto investors. Monero (XMR) is known for privacy, while Solana (SOL) has a scalable solution. On the other hand, DeeStream (DST) claims to have found the right balance with its web3 video streaming platform.

DeeStream and video content sharing

DeeStream is a new video streaming platform that aims to remove the barriers that traditional centralized platforms like Kick and YouTube impose. 

It engages viewers and creators, allowing them to earn rewards, and offers an environment free from censorship and interference. 

In the ongoing presale, DST is available for $0.035. 

The global live-streaming market is projected to grow to $247 billion by 2027, which may benefit DeeStream investors.

Monero and privacy

Monero is strongly committed to user anonymity. 

It uses advanced techniques like stealth addresses and ring signatures to ensure the privacy of all users. 

However, with the rapid changes in the regulatory environment, there are questions about its ongoing relevance.

Solana under renewed pressure

Solana recently faced some technical and security issues, including a hack that resulted in a $4 million loss for some holders and a five-hour outage. 

As a result, many users are opting to leave the platform. 

Some analysts question whether Solana can maintain its reputation as a highly scalable solution for developers in light of these challenges.


The cryptocurrency market has been struggling lately, and even well-known coins like Monero (XMR) and Solana (SOL) have not been immune. As the Bitcoin (BTC) halving approaches, many investors are looking for alternatives, with many considering DeeStream, drawn by the project’s unique value proposition.

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