DJ Akademiks Says Meek Mill Sent Police To His Home While On Twitch

Hip Hop commentator DJ Akademiks says that Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill showed up at his house on Thursday night while he was live streaming on Twitch.

DJ Akademiks has been dragging Meek Mill over the recent Rodney Jones lawsuit brought against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, where the plaintiff claimed that Diddy said he was in a past homosexual relationship with a rapper who dated Nick Minaj and was from Philly.

On Friday morning, Akademiks continued his onslaught against Meek, claiming that while he was online blasting Meek over claims that he snitched on him, the rapper showed up and filmed himself urinating on his property, and he also called police on him.

“Meek Mill really had police show up to my house while I was streaming to 30K ppl last night… right after the n***a claimed he called the governor to tell him bout ‘how many murders im responsible for’. NASTY NASTY work,” Akademiks wrote on Twitter.

Byron Messia Meek Mill
Byron Messia and Meek Mill

Snitching allegations are serious in the hip hop community and will often cause fans to be alienated from the community. The hip hop streamer also claimed that Meek has been working in the background to sideline other new rappers from Philly.

“Philly artists.. imma let u in on a secret.. Meek been blackballing half of yall.. He always been on blogs heads claiming if we post a up n coming philly artist its cuz they beefing with him.. not that that hot on yall own.. so u know what happened.. We all just dont post philly artist cuz of that hating a** n****ga,” Akademiks posted.

On Thursday, Akademiks claimed that Meek Mill called Governor Josh Shapiro to make outrageous claims that he was allegedly involved in murders.

“I couldn’t wait had to get on early.. The Freak Milly stream is here @meekmill ur governor aint shutting myu stream off. stop snitching too,” he said in another tweet.

He also claimed that the rapper showed up at his house and relieved himself.

“Offered him a fade already he said he wanted to be a hoe and sneak to my crib to pee on my steps and record it like a girl . Like that gangsta,” a tweet said.
He also claimed that Meek’s behavior is not worse than those Tekashi 6ix9ine is criticized for.

“A gangsta rapper called the governor on me and told him I’m responsible for murders if that ain’t snitching 6ix9ine ain’t did sh*t @MeekMill,” one tweet said while another added, “And @meekmill u low key wit that snitching shit how u telling a governor that me a civilian responsible for murders that ain’t snitching ???”

He also tagged Governor Shapiro as he called him out.

“Aye @GovernorShapiro stop calling @meekmill phone I don’t want him to have no reason to do what he claim he finna do. He gonna have to stand on all that murder sh*t. I’m tired of this fake n****a,” he said.

Akademiks has been putting pressure on Meek Mill since Jones’ lawsuit was released. However, there are other artists who are described in the lawsuit whom he has not spoken about.

Meek Mill has also denied that he was ever in a gay relationship and has affirmed that he prefers heterosexual relationships.

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