Dogecoin’s Struggle Post-Musk Surge; AI Altcoin Experiences Heightened Market Interest


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Many tokens have come and gone since the last bull market, with only a few lasting and creating a real community. One of these lasting projects has been DOGE, however, following the SEC Decision on Bitcoin ETF, it’s recently been facing some turbulence in the market due to newcomers in the space like InQubeta, which is raising huge sums and inspiring countless community members to invest.

Let’s be honest, DOGE was one of the biggest winners last cycle, despite its lack of utility. Thanks to some digital juggernauts like Elon Musk pumping the token, its community has built a rabid fanbase of supporters that have proved to be strong supporters.

Sadly, as time has passed, the no-use-case nature of this token has left a portion of the community dissatisfied and, frankly – bored. Many think the only way DOGE has a narrative is if Elon is pumping it, and without it, they’re just another meme project.

Time will tell if the bears or bulls prevail on this one. Hopefully, we can see DOGE return to old highs and make new millionaires in this upcoming cycle, otherwise we might have seen the last of this furry dog project.

InQubeta Surging In The AI Market

InQubeta stands out as the best crypto platform for AI startup investments, offering an innovative approach to crypto crowdfunding. It features their own personal crypto coin, called QUBE, which makes it the best crypto to buy for those interested in the AI technology sector because of the high utility that the token comes with.

Investors in InQubeta, for example, can purchase fractions of AI startup assets, eliminating the need to buy entire shares. This fractionalization makes AI startup investments more accessible to a broader audience who may not have as much to invest at the higher levels, making it one of the best crypto to invest in now.

QUBE, the deflationary ERC20 token, serves as the primary medium of exchange on the platform. Holding QUBE tokens comes with significant benefits. A small portion of TX fees, both for buying and selling QUBE tokens, is put towards a specific burn wallet, which was created to reduce the total supply over time. Plus, QUBE tokens are also used for staking, allowing holders to earn rewards. Lots of utility here!

These tokens also serve as governance tokens, giving holders a say in platform decisions, making it one of the best altcoins to invest in if you seek a say in the platform’s future.

InQubeta has ambitious plans for expansion, intending to integrate with multiple blockchain platforms, enhancing its investment ecosystem’s diversity and accessibility. 

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Overall, DOGE may be a powerful force in the meme space and the crypto space overall, but if they want to make it through the next bull market with new highs, they will have to find new angles to compete with newcomers like InQubeta, which has the entire AI niche under its control at the moment.

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