Donald Trump ordered to pay $354m in New York fraud case

  • February 17, 2024

Even though this ruling is very detrimental to Trump, he got a slight reprieve with the appointment of an independent monitor.

Justice Engoron could have also appointed a receiver to oversee Trump’s businesses, which would have had even more control over their operations, Steve Cohen of the New York Law School explains.

An independent monitor, while still a serious oversight, is a slightly less severe option.

“Instead of
being placed in a straitjacket, in a locked room, under guard, they’re being
put in handcuffs, in a locked room, under guard,” Cohen says.

Still, the independent monitor will have broad authority to keep Trump’s businesses in line.

The monitor, Barbara Jones, will get to appoint an independent director of compliance to work under her – and the Trump Organization will have to pay them.

“By installing this additional layer, this compliance director, it’s a person who’s literally sitting at Trump Organization, and nothing can go out, nothing can be issued without that person approving. It’s a big deal and it’s certainly should have the impact of stopping any misstatements on financial records,” says Diana Florence, a former federal prosecutor.

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