ENS and GoDaddy Announce Partnership Linking DNS with eth.link


GoDaddy, Inc. is a leading domain registration and web hosting company that announced its partnership with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) on February 5. The partnership aims to connect traditional domains with blockchain-based .eth names.

It will further facilitate the seamless connection of the Domain Name System (DNS) with blockchain technology. It will allow more than 20 million GoDaddy users to utilize the advantages of ENS Infrastructure without additional charges or extra technical expertise.

What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

It is a naming database that clarifies readable addresses (domain names) into a unique and specific string of numbers known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. By contrast, ENS interprets complex wallet addresses into human-readable names. 

The combination of ENS and DNS together empowers domain owners with the combined security and reliability of GoDaddy. 

Benefits of Partnership

Paul Nicks, president of domains at GoDaddy, stated in a recent press release,

“As a long-time domain industry steward, we are always looking for innovative enhancements that benefit our customers.”

He said that their partnership with ENS will provide customers with a unique opportunity to experience the amalgamation of domain names and blockchain technologies. The press release statement highlights the long-term benefits to the users.

Moreover, it will reduce the high gas fees, as it has always been feasible to bring domain names over to ENS. To achieve this, ENS employs smart contracts to enable the resolution process of domain names in ENS at the DNS top-level domain (TLD) level. It will also allow the verification of DNS records and enable a cost-free method for users.

Furthermore, it will also improve trust in digital identities. Domain owners and crypto wallet holders can now enjoy improved convenience by effortlessly linking their digital assets for efficient management.

The partnership also represents an effort to integrate Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. It will benefit users across both platforms.

Nick Johnson, the founder of ENS, stated,

“With this milestone, we are furthering our mission to build a more secure, decentralized and user-friendly internet.”

He pointed towards the potential of partnerships and their potential to leverage the strengths of both blockchain technologies and legacy. 

He further added,

“By removing the technical barriers and cost concerns, we’re opening up a world of possibilities for domain owners to explore the benefits of blockchain technology. This is about more than just linking domain names; it’s about paving the way for a decentralized, user-centric internet.”

Legal Dispute Around the Partnership

The deal is announced amid an ongoing legal dispute between GoDaddy and ENS, which centers around the “eth.link” domain

True Names Ltd., the nonprofit behind ENS, along with Virgil Griffith, have filed a case against GoDaddy. The case is about GoDaddy violating an agreement to “respect, acknowledge, and protect” the eth.link domain name. True Names is asking for at least $75,000 as compensation.

The lawsuit filed in the US District Court for Arizona states that the eth.link registration expired on July 26, 2023. The dispute is regarding the domain’s expiration and subsequent sale.

ENS has regained control of the eth.link domain after winning an injunction against GoDaddy. The dispute is still ongoing in court.

Source: https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/2024/02/06/ens-and-godaddy-announce-partnership-linking-dns-with-eth-link/

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