‘Even Foreign Countries Know Aayega To Modi Hi’: 10 Key Points From PM Modi’s BJP National Convention Speech | India News

  • February 18, 2024

New Delhi: Addressig the Bharatiya janata Party (BJP) Convention on Thursday at the Bharat Madapam,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his confidence in the party’s return to the poewer in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. PM Modi also heavily critisied the opposition party and said that the Congress has no vision for the development of the country.

“Today every country in the world is emphasizing on building deeper relations with India. Despite pending elections, I’ve received invitations from various countries extending into July, August, and September. This suggests widespread confidence in the potential return of a BJP government,” said PM Modi. “

Discussing the Indian economy’s growth during the BJP’s tenure over the past decade, the Prime Minister highlighted, “It took India 60 years to reach a 1 trillion dollar economy milestone. In our 10 years, we have accelerated this progress to achieve a 3 trillion dollar economy.”

“The previous government failed to elevate India from the 11th to the 10th largest global economy. In contrast, the BJP has elevated India to the top 5,” he added.

In a strong rebuke to opposition parties, the Prime Minister said that the parties may not know how to fulfill their promises but they don’t hesitate to make false commitments. 

Congress Lacks Agenda For Development: PM Modi

PM Modi also targeted the Congress, stating that the grand old party has resorted to desperate measures, with hurling abuses and false allegations against him becoming their sole agenda. “Congress has become so desperate that it does not even have the courage for principled and ideological opposition. Therefore, abuses and false allegations against Modi have become their only agenda,” said PM.

Commending the unwavering dedication of BJP workers to the party, PM Modi underscored the significance of the upcoming 100 days leading to the Lok Sabha Elections. He urged them to approach this period with renewed energy, zeal, enthusiasm, and faith.

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