FutureBit Partners With Rutgers University To Educate Students On Bitcoin

  • February 14, 2024

FutureBit, a leading provider of consumer-focused Bitcoin products, has unveiled its Higher Ed Pilot Programs in collaboration with universities across the United States, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. This initiative marks one of the first instances of bringing Bitcoin hardware into academic settings, with Rutgers University Business School being among the initial partners.

“The RBSCryptoLab is a resource for the Blockchain Hub members, enabling Rutgers students to build, run, and maintain mining equipment,” said Professor Mark Guthner, leading the initiative at Rutgers. “In addition, it facilitates the learning process by merging theory with practice. Students learn how blockchains work and how decentralized networks perform their important functions. The RBSCryptoLab’s latest acquisition is the Apollo Bitcoin node and mining machines designed, manufactured, and sold by FutureBit.”

By providing plug-and-play Bitcoin systems to educational institutions nationwide, FutureBit seeks to revolutionize the learning experience for the next generation. Students will not only learn the intricacies of Bitcoin as a monetary network but also comprehend its decentralized nature and its implications for society on a technological level, according to the release.

“The only way we shed the current roadblocks in our society is to first make sure the next generation will be educated on decentralized systems, and their superiority to any other form of governance,” stated FutureBit’s founder, John Stefanopoulos. “Students all over the country will now have the ability to see Bitcoin in action in real time in front of them, and that drives curiosity of what Bitcoin is about more than anything else. We can’t wait for the world they will all create.”

Through partnerships like this with Rutgers University, FutureBit seeks to pave the way for a future where Bitcoin education plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation.

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