‘He Lies Publicly’: Amit Shah Tears Into Rahul Gandhi For Questioning PM Modi’s Caste | India News

  • February 10, 2024

New Delhi: In a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday responded to Congress MP’s recent claim questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s caste. Speaking at an event, Shah accused Rahul Gandhi of distorting facts and creating unwarranted controversies. “Rahul Gandhi has a policy, lie publicly and lie again and again. As far as PM Narendra Modi’s caste goes, I doubt the Congress knows the difference between bloc and caste. PM Modi said he is an OBC, OBC is bloc not a caste. Maybe Rahul Gandhi’s teachers did not tell him this. This is extremely sad that questions on the Prime Minister’s caste are being asked” Amit Shah said.

Congress Misinterprets Caste: Shah On Rahul’s Claims

Shah refuted Rahul Gandhi’s assertion that PM Modi is not an OBC by birth, stating that the Congress seems confused about the difference between bloc and caste. He criticized Gandhi’s habit of publicly lying and emphasized that OBC (Other Backward Class) was a bloc, not a caste.

Historical Perspective: PM Modi’s OBC Recognition

Amit Shah provided historical context, noting that PM Modi’s OBC community was listed in 1994 under the Congress government of Gujarat. He clarified that PM Modi was not in any elected position at the time. Shah highlighted Congress’s role in recommending OBC listing to the central government in 2000, which was accepted. “Modi ji’s community (jati) was listed as OBC on July 25, 1994, when the chief minister of Gujarat was Chhabildas Mehta and the party in power was Congress. Modi ji had by then not even fought an election, and was mostly working for the party. The state government run by Congress listed the community under OBC. In 1994 itself, Congress had made recommendations before the central government, which the latter accepted and listed in the year 2000. Even in 2000, Modi ji was nowhere in the government, not an MP, MLA, or a sarpanch. Modi ji became CM of Gujarat in 2001,” Shah added.

Congress Anti-OBC: Shah Highlights PM Modi’s Contributions

Continuing his attack, Shah accused the Congress of being an anti-OBC party and commended PM Modi for giving constitutional recognition to OBC communities. He pointed out Modi’s establishment of an OBC commission and successful implementation of OBC reservations in central government jobs.

Shah also dismissed Rahul Gandhi’s argument about the proportion of OBC secretaries in central government ministries, stating that most were commissioned during the Congress regime. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the OBC background of the Prime Minister.

Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha Resolution: Shah Reflects On Historic Day

Shifting gears, Shah spoke about the historic resolution on Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha in Parliament. He highlighted the decades-long belief in building the Ram Mandir at the revered location and praised the PM’s devotion to ensuring the process adhered to the scriptures.

Bharat Ratna Awards: Shah Defends Political Awardees

Addressing criticism of the recent Bharat Ratna awards, Shah defended the awardees, citing their significant contributions. He acknowledged Chaudhary Charan Singh’s fight for farmers’ rights, Narasimha Rao’s institutionalization efforts, and Swaminathan’s contributions to the green revolution.

In a final salvo, Shah criticized the Bharat Ratna awards under Congress, suggesting they were either compelled or bestowed upon family members. He underscored the genuine contributions of recent awardees to the nation’s progress.

In a comprehensive response, Amit Shah dismantled Rahul Gandhi’s claims while highlighting the government’s achievements and the historic significance of recent parliamentary discussions.

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