Here’s How XRP Can Incorporate Stablecoin Features to Attract Adoption from Banks


With prospects of automated market makers (AMMs) on the horizon, members of the XRP community see a dream scenario where XRP embodies a stablecoin feature that appeals to the banking sector.

Recently, the Digital Perspectives PermaBull (DPP) channel host sought insights from Elon Musk’s AI Grok regarding the potential for XRP to evolve into a stablecoin, leveraging AMMs as a stabilizing mechanism.

As a response, the AI tool affirmed that it was feasible for XRP to transition into a stablecoin with AMMs. The XRP community figure shared details of Grok’s replies in a post on X.

XRP Incorporating Stablecoin Functionality for Banks

Grok argued that the fundamental concept is to utilize AMMs to manage the supply and demand of XRP. The goal is to ensure the maintenance of a stable value. To provide a clearer illustration, Grok painted a scenario to demonstrate how this concept could unfold in practice.

It pointed out that using an AMM to manage XRP supply and demand could involve a liquidity pool containing XRP and a stablecoin such as USDC Coin (USDC).

In instances where the price of XRP rises above the target value, the AMM would automatically sell XRP for USDC. Emphatically, this process increases the supply of XRP and, as a result, reduces the price of the asset.

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Similarly, when the price of XRP falls below the target value, the AMM would buy XRP with USDC, decreasing the supply of XRP and increasing its price. The AI suggested that this process could persist until XRP’s value stabilizes around the target value. 

Notably, the significance lies in establishing a mechanism to control XRP price volatility to bolster confidence for adopters within the payment landscape.

The DPP channel host remarked that this scenario represents his dream for the XRP ecosystem.

He noted that XRP’s value could fluctuate freely according to market forces while maintaining a “tight trading range” without necessitating bankers and financial institutions to rely on the order books from centralized exchanges. 

Essentially, he remarked that this would be a “Game Changer” for XRP. Other members of the XRP community echoed his perspective, acknowledging the positive potential. Nonetheless, the feasibility of this approach remains questionable.

AMMs in the XRP Ecosystem 

Significantly, the XLS-30 amendment bringing AMM to the XRP Ledger notably achieved the necessary 80% consensus.

However, the detection of a bug prompted validators to retract their affirmative votes for the amendment. Nevertheless, the likelihood of the AMM being realized sooner remains considerable.

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