IIT Success Story: From Mud House To Premier Institute: The Remarkable Journey Of An IIT Bombay Student From West Bengal | India News

  • February 10, 2024

New Delhi: Biplab Singha’s journey began with the revelation that the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) was the gateway to prestigious engineering colleges across the nation. This realization struck him during his schooling years, igniting a fervent desire to secure admission to an IIT. His dedication manifested early on when he diligently prepared for his Class 10 exams in 2019, achieving an outstanding score of 93.57 percent, highlighted by a perfect 100 in mathematics. This remarkable achievement not only brought boundless joy to his family but also earned him scholarships.

Raised in a rustic village in West Bengal, Biplab and his brother were the first in their family to embrace formal education, amidst a backdrop unfamiliar with its nuances. Born to parents immersed in farming, their humble abode lacked basic amenities like electricity and a gas connection until Biplab’s early schooling years. Despite these challenges, Biplab firmly believed in education as the beacon to transcend his circumstances and carve out a better future.

Driven by his childhood aspiration to become an engineer, Biplab’s passion for electronics propelled him to experiment with electronic devices, albeit unsure of the path to realizing his dreams. However, his academic prowess, particularly his Class 10 success, served as a pivotal moment. Fuelled by newfound determination, he set his sights on IIT, seeking guidance from his teachers and embarking on a journey focused on science.

Navigating the complexities of JEE Advanced became a formidable challenge, demanding relentless dedication and substantial resources. Undeterred, despite the daunting barriers of expensive coaching and financial constraints, Biplab plunged into preparation, initially feeling overwhelmed yet resolute in his pursuit. His story epitomizes the essence of perseverance in surmounting obstacles to achieve one’s aspirations.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown posed further hurdles, particularly regarding access to online resources essential for his IIT preparations. Lack of a smartphone or internet access seemed insurmountable until his teacher intervened, providing him with a smartphone and opening doors to online learning. Through platforms like YouTube, Biplab expanded his horizons, augmenting his preparation with educational videos.

Transitioning to Class 12, Biplab faced setbacks, notably failing in his first attempt at JEE Advanced despite clearing JEE Main. However, he viewed this setback as an opportunity for growth, embarking on a year-long hiatus to refine his preparation. Availing himself of West Bengal’s free training scheme for NEET/JEE, he seized the opportunity for free coaching and test series participation, supplementing his efforts.

Amidst moments of demotivation, Biplab found solace in watching campus tour videos, particularly those of IIT Bombay, reigniting his determination. Despite the formidable challenges posed by the rigorous JEE Advanced exam in 2022, Biplab persevered, eventually securing admission to IIT Bombay, a testament to his resilience and unwavering resolve.

Acknowledging the financial constraints, IIT Bombay’s Financial Aid Program (FAP) offered a lifeline, covering all academic, hostel, and mess fees, along with computer and laptop assistance, and medical emergencies, facilitating Biplab’s journey towards realizing his dreams without undue financial burden.

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