“In fact, I will live inside Odejimjim” – Nedu Wazobi loses it as Cubana Chiefpriest shows him a tortoise that vomits $1billion for him

  • February 17, 2024

Nedu Wazobia, a popular Nigerian OAP, has sparked outrage online following a recent video featuring legendary nightlife king Cubana Chiefpriest.

In the video, OAP Nedu Wazobia loses it during his recent visit to Cubana Chiefpriest’s opulent estate, where the nightlife king shows him his tortoise named “Odejimjim.”

Shedding light on the tortoise’s particular role, Cubana Chiefpriest from Imo State said that the tortoise may yield up to $1 billion.

OAP Nedu Wazobia completely lost his mind when he heard this, shouting with joy.

In the video, Cubana Chiepriest, while reclining and clutching his particular turtle, says “Can you live with Odejimjim”

Responding, OAP Nedu who is on a bended knees said “if I have to live with it, I will live with it.”

After disclosing the $1billion that can be produced by the tortoise, Cubana Chiepriest asked again, “Can you live with Odejimjim?”

Nedu asserted “In fact, I will live inside Odejimjim.

Captioning the video on his page, Nedu Wazobia wrote; “I can live with it ooo….”

See reactions below;

louisalimi: You might just think it’s all cruise …..look deeply.

gbengaadeyinka1stgcon: I go marry odejimjim sef but na if he no vomit the money him go know say tortoise peppersoup Dey sweet me to chop😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

king_emii_: Life no hard na you de sleep for church when the rest of the world they move 😂.

the___pacemaker: Play play, these guys are sharing real life stuff. We think say na skit.

official_vycon: Like play like play, men dey share secrets say na skit 😂.

merica_blaq: Lol 😂inside every joke truth Dey inside 😂.

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