Indian Dancer Amarnath Ghosh Killed In US In Reprehensible Gun Attack, Centre’s Swift Response

Indian Killed In US In 'Reprehensible Gun Attack', Centre's Swift Response

Amarnath Ghosh was pursuing an MFA in Dance at the Washington University in Saint Louis.

New Delhi:

The Indian government has said they are in touch with US authorities and following the investigation into the murder of renowned Kuchipudi dancer, Amarnath Ghosh. He was shot dead on Tuesday while he was talking an evening walk in US’ Missouri.

Ghosh was pursuing an MFA in Dance at the Washington University in Saint Louis.

The Indian consulate in Chicago said that they are constantly following the investigation and are in touch with the local authorities.

“Deep condolences to family & friends of deceased Amarnath Ghosh in StLouis, Missouri.  We are following up forensic, investigation with police & providing support,” the embassy said in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

“Consulate is extending all help to relatives of deceased Amarnath Ghosh. Taken up the case strongly with St Louis police and the University for investigation of the reprehensible gun attack,” the embassy added.

The incident was first highlighted by television actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who in a post on X had sought the help of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the case.

“My friend #Amarnathghosh was shot and killed in St Louis academy neighbourhood, US on Tuesday evening. Only child in the family, mother died 3 years back. Father passed away during his childhood. Well the reason, accused details everything are not revealed yet or perhaps no one left in his family to fight for it except his few friends. He was from kolkata. Excellent dancer , was pursuing PHD , was taking an evening walk and suddenly he was shot multiple times by an unknown,” Ms Bhattacharjee wrote.

Appealing to the Indian embassy and PM Modi, the actor wrote, “Some friends in US are trying to claim the body but still no update about it. Indian Embassy US kindly see to it if you could. Atleast we should know the reason of his murder.”

An exponent in four dance styles, Amarnath Ghosh was an alumnus of the Kalakshetra Academy in Chennai. Ghosh was the recipient of a National Scholarship for Kuchipudi, from the International Cultural Ministry. He was trained under Bobita Dey Sarkar, Sri M.V Narasimhachari and Padma Sri Adyar K Lakshman.

The tragic incident adds to a series of violent incidents against Indians or Indian-Americans in the United States in recent months. Recently, an Indian-origin motel owner was shot dead by a homeless trespasser in Newport city in the US state of North Carolina.

On February 10, a 41-year-old Indian-origin IT executive died after suffering life-threatening injuries during an assault outside a restaurant in Washington.

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