Mela Chiraghan Begins In Lahore

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 2nd Mar, 2024) The 436th annual three-day Mela Chiraghan started at the shrine of Hazrat Shah Hussain here on Saturday.

Auqaf Secretary Dr Tahir Raza inaugurated the celebrations while laying a traditional chadar at the grave of the saint. Members of the religious committee, ulema, Mushaikh and a large number of devotees participated. A special dua was offered for the development , progress and stability of the country.

The Auqaf Department has allocated Rs459,000 for the celebrations. Local police and the department made foolproof security arrangements for the visitors.

Talking to the media, Dr Tahir Raza Bukhari said that there was a need for guidance from the thought and philosophy of Shah Hussain. “His poetic effort should be utilized for the promotion of tolerance and elimination of extremism. Shah Hussain’s thoughts are not only a creative expression of society of his era, but also a source of development of Sufi poetry in Punjab. His Kafis are decorated with the themes of the instability of the world and thoughts of the hereafter,” he added.

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