Mississippi ‘Goon Squad’ Member Sentenced to Over 27 Years

Report Mississippi ‘Goon Squad’ Member Sentenced to Over 27 Years – The sentencing of the fifth member of the Mississippi “Goon Squad,” Brett McAlpin, to over 27 years in prison marks a significant moment in the legal aftermath of a racially motivated assault that shocked the nation. This incident, which took place in Rankin County, Mississippi, on January 24, 2023, involved a group of law enforcement officers who subjected two Black men, Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker, to a brutal attack. The assault was characterized by beatings, repeated uses of stun guns, and assaults with a sex toy, culminating in one of the victims being shot in the mouth during a mock execution that went awry.

Mississippi 'Goon Squad' Member Sentenced to Over 27 Years
Mississippi ‘Goon Squad’ Member Sentenced to Over 27 Years

The incident began with a racist call for extrajudicial violence when a white person in Rankin County complained to McAlpin that two Black men were staying with a white woman at a house in Braxton. McAlpin relayed this complaint to Christian Dedmon, who then texted a group of white deputies, including McAlpin, asking if they were “available for a mission.” This text thread, which was later discovered by investigators, served as a green light for the officers to use excessive force.

Once inside the property, the officers mocked the victims with racial slurs and shocked them with stun guns. They handcuffed them and poured milk, alcohol, and chocolate syrup over their faces. Dedmon and another officer, Daniel Opdyke, assaulted them with a sex toy. The victims were forced to strip naked and shower together to conceal the mess, and Hartfield guarded the bathroom door to ensure the men didn’t escape. After Elward shot Jenkins in the mouth, lacerating his tongue and breaking his jaw, the officers devised a coverup that involved planting drugs and false charges against Jenkins and Parker.

McAlpin, who was the fourth highest-ranking officer at the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office, admitted to being a part of the attack and apologized to the victims. He expressed regret for being involved in an incident that made law enforcement look bad and acknowledged that his actions were “very wrong”.

The sentencing of McAlpin and the other members of the “Goon Squad” has been met with widespread condemnation, highlighting the severity of the crimes committed. The majority-white Rankin County, located just east of Jackson, Mississippi, is home to one of the highest percentages of Black residents of any major U.S. city. The officers’ actions have been described as “egregious and despicable” by U.S. District Judge Tom Lee, who has handed down prison terms near the top of the sentencing guidelines for each of the deputies involved.

Officers in Mississippi plead guilty to racist assault on 2 Black men  during raid – NBC Bay Area

The incident has also raised questions about the culture within the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office, with some attorneys arguing that the deputies became ensnared in a culture of corruption that was not only permitted but encouraged by leaders within the sheriff’s office. Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey, who took office in 2012, has faced criticism for his handling of the situation, with Jenkins and Parker calling for his resignation and filing a $400 million civil lawsuit against the department.

The sentencing of McAlpin and the other members of the “Goon Squad” serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding the principles of justice and equality in law enforcement. It underscores the need for accountability and reform within law enforcement agencies to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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