New Milestone For Google And MultiversX, Partners Launch New Data Integration

In a new development for their partnership, MultiversX has announced its integration with Google BigQuery, marking a significant milestone in making blockchain data more accessible and insightful, per an official post.

MultiversX Ecosystem Gains a Boost With BigQuery Integration

This integration hints at potential growth for the MultiversX ecosystem, underscoring the network’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and assisting its developer community by providing them with new tools.

With this latest collaboration, Google replicates its role as the internet’s information custodian by making MultiversX’s blockchain data readily accessible through BigQuery. This platform operates as an enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse.

The official post claims this move will “democratize access to blockchain insights, offering unprecedented transparency and analysis capability to users and developers alike.”

Integrating BigQuery enables anyone with an account to delve into the MultiversX network’s intricacies without needing specialized software or the lengthy process of syncing the ledger.

Users can now easily query the network’s data, including details about the top 100 block producers, daily transaction counts, and much more, as seen in the chart below. This capability is expected to drive further innovation and development within the MultiversX ecosystem.

MultiversX data is available and easy to visualize with BitQuery. Source: MultiversX

Lucian Mincu, CIO of the MultiversX Foundation, highlighted the significance of this development, stating:

Analyzing and interpreting data to reveal useful insights about product usage is a science barely explored in the web3 space. Having Google resolve a big part of the hassle for MultiversX projects is an important step towards making dApps better, more useful, and more appealing to the masses.

Google Support Accelerates MultiversX Development

In addition to data accessibility, the partnership between MultiversX and Google Cloud encompasses a wide range of initiatives to accelerate Web3 adoption and ecosystem expansion. As announced during the xDay 2023 Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

These include a startup accelerator program, hackathons, developer initiatives, and joint business developments. MultiversX’s presence at the company’s booth at GITEX Global in Dubai in 2023 exemplifies the partnership’s deepening collaboration.

The partnership also shows Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting the blockchain community, as highlighted by Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA for Google Cloud. The partnership aims to drive adoption, “accelerating” the growth of the MultiversX ecosystem and, by extension, the broader Web3 space.

With Google’s backing, MultiversX is poised for accelerated growth, bringing new opportunities for users and developers.

EGLD’s price trends to the upside on the daily chart. Source: EGLDUSDT on Tradingview

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, partnerships between MultiversX and Google BigQuery are pivotal in shaping the future of digital assets and Web3. By enhancing data accessibility and supporting the development community, MultiversX and Google are setting new standards for innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space.

Chart from Tradingview

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