Oscars 2024: 10 things we spotted in the Academy Awards class photo

  • February 13, 2024

The Oscars class photo 2024Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

This Barbie is eating lunch with her fellow Oscar nominees.

The annual Academy Awards luncheon was held in Los Angeles on Monday, attended by 179 of this year’s nominees,

Not every nominee was able to attend. The Color Purple star Danielle Brooks, for example, was unable to get away from filming Minecraft in New Zealand.

But there were plenty of other stars, outfits, poses and unusual facial expressions to keep us entertained. Here are 10 highlights:

1. A La La Land reunion

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

When we wrote about the class photo in 2017, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were both there as nominees for La La Land.

For anyone with a short memory, La La Land is the film which won best picture, and then lost it again four minutes later thanks to a mishap involving an envelope.

This year, Gosling and Stone have returned to the Academy Awards, but for different films – nominated for Barbie and Poor Things respectively.

Gosling wore a lilac suit – likely intended as a subtle reference to his best picture-nominated film.

2. Two nominees formed a backbenchers club

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

Actor Sterling K Brown and songwriter Diane Warren stood together in the back row – an appropriate placing given both are aware they are unlikely to win their categories.

Last week, Brown told Graham Norton: “I know that I’m not going to win, and I’m totally fine with it. I’ll tell you – [fellow nominee] Robert Downey Jr is going to win. And he’s incredibly deserving, he’s an incredible actor…I’m just happy to be in the room.”

We take our hats off to the This Is Us star for following the awards race so closely and knowing what his odds are in the supporting actor race.

But while Brown is a first-time nominee, Warren has been nominated a whopping 15 times for best original song – and never won. She probably won’t this year either, with What Was I Made For? by Billie Eilish the hot favourite.

3. Is that… Godzilla?

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

Takashi Yamazaki, one of the visual effects team on Godzilla Minus One, brought a plus one to the event – Godzillla himself.

4. DOG

Image source, Madman Films

Anybody who knows anything about the history of cinema knows that the greatest acting performance in any film ever was the dog in this year’s best picture contender, Anatomy of a Fall.

Known in the film as Snoop, the dog is in fact a border collie called Messi who flew from France to attend the luncheon, along with trainer Laura Martin Contini.

Messi was extremely popular with the actors at the event, including Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, who was photographed meeting the dog. “The Coop meets the Snoop,” read the excellent caption.

Sadly, Messi was not included in the class photo – something we can’t understand as he is the goodest of good boys. We have submitted a formal complaint to the Academy and will let you know how it progresses.

5. Carey and Emily repped for the Brits

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

This year’s acting nominations are a little short on Brits – the only two are Oppenheimer’s Emily Blunt and Maestro’s Carey Mulligan.

It’s worth saying Irish stars have had another big year – with Barry Keoghan, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott all nominated at precursors including the Golden Globes and Baftas.

However, only Blunt’s Irish co-star Cillian Murphy is recognised at the Oscars.

6. Save a seat for us in the front row will you please

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

If we were in the Oscars class photo – this is the row in which we’d ask everyone to budge up and make room, as the awards buzz wattage is phenomenal.

Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese, the directors of Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon respectively, were placed close together in the front row, between two red hot acting contenders.

Alongside them were Lily Gladstone, a strong nominee for best actress for her performance in Scorsese’s film, and The Holdovers star Da’Vine Joy Randolph – who is almost certain to win best supporting actress.

7. Billie Eilish kept it casual

Image source, Reuters/Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

Billie Eilish is always a delight to see on the red carpet – she consistently steals the spotlight with interesting and innovative looks.

The Academy luncheon was no different, with Eilish turning heads thanks to her casual bandana, yellow jacket and tartan trousers which matched the outfit of her brother Finneas.

The pair are nominated in the best original song category for What Was I Made For? – which has already scooped them a Grammy and a Golden Globe.

In fact, the prize could be the film’s best chance of an Oscar on the night, with other films such as Oppenheimer likely to dominate several of the major categories.

8. We would like to be friends with this man

Image source, Getty/Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

In the absence of Messi the dog, it’s quite clear who stole the spotlight in this year’s class photo.

To the right of the picture is a man crossing his arms – a noticeable pose in a picture where most people just look straight ahead and smile.

The chap in question is in fact cinematographer Matthew Libatique – who is nominated for his work on Bradley Cooper’s biopic of Leonard Bernstein, Maestro.

Libatique is so proud of his signature pose he also pulled it on the red carpet beforehand – something we’d do too if we had nails as wonderful as his.

9. Barbie was not snubbed

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

Barbie’s Margot Robbie has been a joy to follow this awards season, wearing outfits that would make her on-screen character proud. She continued the theme in the Oscars class photo.

Although Robbie and director Greta Gerwig missed out on nominations for best actress and best director respectively, both were still present at the Academy Awards luncheon.

That’s because both are nominated in other categories – Robbie as a producer, and therefore a best picture nominee, and Gerwig in the best adapted screenplay category.

10. If something is funny please share it with the rest of the class, we all like a good joke

Image source, Richard Harbaugh/AMPAS

But it takes a Herculean effort to make sure everybody is ready for the exact second the picture is taken. Inevitably, there is always someone who isn’t.

In this year’s class photo, we noted at least two people blinking at the exact moment the camera was clicked, and therefore look like they are sleeping while standing up.

But the most eye-catching mishap came from Anatomy of a Fall’s Arthur Harari, nominated for best original screenplay alongside his wife Justine Triet, who also directed the film.

Harari was seen laughing as the picture was being taken. It’s not clear what made him crack up, but we bet Paul Giamatti had something to do with it.

The best actor favourite, who is seen standing to the right to Harrari, is known for his sense of humour, having made a string of comedic, self-deprecating acceptance speeches throughout awards season.

The Academy Awards 2024, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, take place in Los Angeles on 10 March.

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