Polands Bat-mum Saving Bats From Climate Change


Szczecin, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 8th Feb, 2024) A Polish pensioner has been dubbed “Bat-mum” for taking care of ailing bats from her ninth-floor flat as the nocturnal mammals increasingly struggle with the effects of climate change.

Barbara Gorecka, 69, runs a bat sanctuary in the residential building where she lives and says she has now taken care of around 1,600 animals.

“It all started exactly 16 years ago, on a very cold January… It was when bats started emerging out of the ventilation ducts into my apartment,” Gorecka told AFP in her flat as bats chirped and fluttered around her.

She currently keeps around three dozen bats that are sick or injured, or have abruptly woken up from hibernation.

“It’s mostly bats that are exhausted that end up here, those that have been woken up — for example, by fireworks,” she said.

To Gorecka, there is a visible link between climate change and the increasing number of bats that need help in her shelter.

“With the warm weather and unusually high temperatures, they think that spring is already here and there will be food. Unfortunately, they lose so much energy that they can’t even fly anymore,” Gorecka said.

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