Samsung’s first Galaxy S24 update can make everything a bit brighter

  • February 14, 2024

Users of Galaxy S24 phones will get more customization options in how they can see their screens, take photos, and possibly translate phone calls in real time. 

Samsung added the ability to toggle the “vividness” of Galaxy S24 models so users can choose to have sharper display colors. The company said the update creates “a more natural and customizable viewing experience.”

The S24’s camera has also been upgraded with enhancements to zoom functions, portrait mode, night photography, and video shooting using the rear camera. 

“Based on your feedback, through an upcoming update, we aim to provide enhanced options and experiences across the device display and camera, enabled by advanced hardware and software integration efforts,” the company said in a statement. Samsung said it will begin rolling out the features this month. 

The S24’s screen and camera already showed some improvements from previous models, including foreground blur in portrait mode.

The company will also be rolling out features for live call translation. Galaxy S24 is one of the first phones to include live call translations with Galaxy AI. Without detailing the update, Samsung said it “will continue to evolve Galaxy technology” toward its goal of calls without a language barrier. 

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