Stepmom Continues Testimony on 5-year-old Harmony’s Last Moments, Says She Was Scared to Help – Crime Online

  • February 13, 2024

Testimony continued Monday morning in the New Hampshire trial of accused child killer Adam Montgomery, with his former wife taking the stand for the second day.

Defense attorneys at the Hillsborough Couty Superior Court began Monday morning by scrutinizing Kayla Montgomery’s account of what happened to her stepchild, 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery.

They, questioned, specifically, the dates when she and the defendant, along with Harmony and her two young sons, lived in a Chrysler Sebring, surviving on a diet of tortilla wraps, bananas, peanut butter, baby food, and formula.

This timeframe, the defense said, is crucial as it is when Kayla alleges that Adam fatally beat his daughter.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Adam Montgomery is accused of murdering Harmony by repeatedly striking her in the head with a closed fist. Although she hasn’t been located, officials declared her deceased, following information Kayla provided investigators.

The killing allegedly occurred on December 7, 2019, while the family lived in the car after an apartment eviction. Kayla testified Friday that while Montgomery drove the vehicle on the day in question, he turned his body and repeatedly struck Harmony’s face and head while she sat in the rear passenger side.

He continued to hit her until he became concerned after the final blow, Kayla said, according to an arrest affidavit.

Prosecutor Christopher Knowles previously said that Montgomery beat his daughter because she soiled herself while inside the car.

Kayla Montgomery wipes her eyes while testifying during the trial of Adam Montgomery at Hillsborough County Superior Court, Monday, Feb. 12, 2024, in Manchester, N.H. Adam Montgomery is accused of killing his 5-year-old daughter and spending months moving her body before disposing of it. (Jeffrey Hastings/Pool Photo via AP)

On Friday, Kayla testified that they drove to Burger King after the alleged beating, where they got food before buying crack cocaine and getting high for the day.

Kayla acknowledged that she didn’t call 911 and didn’t check on Harmony’s well-being at any point that day,

Kayla said Monday, while on the stand, that she was afraid to say or do anything because the defendant had been abusive to her.

“He was abusive — in all ways, physical, emotional, and mentally,” Kayla testified.

“He thought that I was telling on him or cheating on him or trying to kill him. He wanted me to tell him who I was cheating on him with or if I was working with the cops and I kept saying that I didn’t and he kept hitting me anyway. And I started telling him that I did even though I wasn’t, and he kept hitting me.”

Meanwhile, Montgomery’s lawyers say that he didn’t kill his daughter and that Kayla is lying to protect herself from the consequences.

“Only she knows the truth,” Montgomery’s lawyer,  James Brooks told the jury on Thursday, the Associated Press reported. “And only she has benefitted from all the lies she has told.”

Adam Montgomery faces charges of second-degree murder, assault, and related charges. During the opening statements on Thursday, he said via teleconference that he planned to plead guilty to falsifying evidence and abusing a corpse.

The trial continues. Check back for updates.

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[Feature Photo: Adam and Harmony Montgomery/Police Handout; Facebook]

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