‘Submit Report On Sandeshkhali Violence’: West Bengal Governor Orders Mamata Govt | India News

  • February 10, 2024

Kolkata: Sandeshkhali, a village in West Bengal, has become the latest flashpoint of political tension as Governor CV Anand Bose has now demanded a report on Friday’s violence from the Mamata Banerjee-led government. The Raj Bhavan’s directive, coupled with calls for action against the perpetrators, underscored the simmering discontent and accusations swirling around the incident.

Expressing grave concerns over the situation, Governor Bose said, ”This incident shows the worst that can happen in a civilised society…The established govt has to act firmly and effectively. No one will be allowed to take laws into their hand…The government has a responsibility to put an end to this…Bengal is the land of peace…”

At the heart of the unrest lies a land dispute allegedly involving Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Shivprasad Hazra. Angered by claims of forced land acquisition, villagers, including women leading marches, torched Hazra’s poultry farm. They were demanding the arrest of TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh, accused of orchestrating a land ration allotment scam.

The heavy police presence deployed to quell the protests proved insufficient to contain the villagers’ fury. The fiery act raised questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement and fueled public outrage. “Investigations are underway to determine the cause behind the disturbances in Sandeshkhali over the past three days. All complaints received in the last two days are being thoroughly examined. It is not appropriate to make any statements at the moment, as the matter is under investigation. Adequate police forces are deployed in the area, and the situation is currently under control,” said ADG Law and Order for West Bengal, Manoj Verma.

While investigations are underway, the blame game has already begun. TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh, pointed fingers at the opposition, claiming CPI(M) and BJP instigated the violence. Two arrests have been made, and Ghosh alleged the unrest is a ploy to divert attention from Mamata Banerjee’s upcoming announcement for MGNREGA workers.

However, BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari painted a different picture. He called the incident a repercussion of the state government’s actions, highlighting concerns about alleged suppression of democracy and silencing of dissent. Adhikari claimed the violence reflects the pent-up anger of the people simmering for years. “We do not support taking the law into one’s hands. What has been happening in the last 12 years there, it seems that democracy is over there. The right to vote and the right to voice one’s opinions is over. Whatever is happening is a normal turn of events. People were angry for a long time and that has come out,” Adhikari said.

Amidst these opposing narratives, the truth remains under investigation. The Governor’s demand for a report indicates a seriousness to understand the root cause and ensure accountability. However, the political mudslinging threatens to overshadow the voices of the villagers and their grievances.

Key questions linger: Was the land acquisition legitimate? Did authorities adequately address the villagers’ concerns? Was the violence pre-meditated, or a spontaneous outburst of frustration? Only a transparent and impartial investigation can provide answers and pave the way for a peaceful resolution.

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