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<br /> Thinking Global Podcast – Simon Curtis

This week on the Thinking Global Podcast, Dr. Simon Curtis chats with Kieran (⁠⁠⁠@kieranjomeara⁠⁠⁠) and Romanos (@rmnorph) on conceptualising the ‘global city’, the role of the urban in the global order, why we should focus more on ‘the urban’ in International Relations, China and the Belt and Road Initiative in such a schema, and the future of the global city in a post-pandemic world.

Dr. Simon Curtis (University of Surrey – @UniOfSurrey @SurreyPolitics) is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at The University of Surrey. His current research investigates the relationship between transnational processes and the society of sovereign states, with particular reference to transnational urbanism and global cities. His books include Global Cities and Global Order (Oxford University Press), which was awarded the 2018 Hedley Bull Prize by the European Consortium for Political Research, and the forthcoming The Belt and Road City: Geopolitics, Urbanization, and China’s Search for a New International Order (Yale University Press, 2024) co-written with Ian Klaus. He is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow on Global Cities at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and an Honorary Professor in International Relations at the University of East Anglia.

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