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  • February 16, 2024

In this article top astrologer in India guruji Kamaleshwar argues that astrology is real and he provides authentic information about astrology.  Now a days many people say astrology is not science. “But what is science?”, Best astrologer in India Guruji Kamaleshwar asks. He further elaborated “a preliminary idea which is also known as hypothesis is basic of science”. Scientists will try to find a method or process to evaluate that idea. If the results are filled the expectation, then it is proved. If it is the science, then definitely astrology is science, Guruji Kamaleshwar says. People who are indulging by gambling in share market says it is an investment and it’s based on statistical science, he criticized.  

The astrology predictions commonly made on television and magazines are based on zodiac signs and they are real setback to astrology field. The annual predictions or monthly predictions are mostly based on Jupiter position and Saturn position. Many of ancient astrology texts are saying clearly, Lagna is the important key factor for any astrological predictions. Further those texts are saying if one event is possible through Lagna it will happen 90 percentage. If the calculations based on Rasi which is known as zodiac sign also indicates the same event, then it will happen 99 percentage.

The one percentage probability of failure is mostly based on karma, Guruji Kamaleshwar observes. If you are willing to analyse astrology on scientifical basis then you have to understand fundamental principle of astrology. It is difficult to atheists to accept astrology he said. Because the Vedic astrology and Belief in Karma has a strong relationship. The fundamental of astrology says the 6th house, 8th house, 12th house will do negative things. At the same time the biggest hidden house in astrology is the 5th house of ascendant. This house contains alms done by ascendant on previous incarnations. If this 5th house contains more benefits and blessings due to alms in previous incarnations then it will reduce the negativity of 6th, 8th, 12th zodiac signs. If 5th house carrying the curse of sins done in previous incarnations, then the negativity of 6th, 8th, 12th house will get increased.

It is impossible to measure the blessings of alms in 5th house or curses of sins in 5th house. So, this hidden pot is playing a vital role in horoscope predictions. Because of this inability only astrologers are failing to give hundred percentage right predictions he observed. He hopes some one will find a right prediction method to measure the depth of 5th house and on that day, astrology will be proved as 100 percentage science.

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