UPSC Success Story: Meet IAS Nandini KR Who Secured AIR-1 In UPSC Even After Battling Dengue | India News


New Delhi: The Civil Services Exam (CSE) administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) stands as a formidable challenge among the plethora of competitive examinations in India. With aspirations soaring high, millions of individuals embark on this arduous journey, yet only a select few emerge victorious, donning the prestigious titles of IAS, IPS, IRS, or IFS officers.

The path to success in the CSE is paved with years of unwavering dedication, relentless effort, and steadfast determination. This truth is exemplified by the remarkable journey of IAS topper Nandini KR, who clinched the coveted All India Rank (AIR)-1 in the UPSC 2016 examination. Nandini’s narrative is nothing short of extraordinary, characterized by resilience, fortitude, and ultimately, triumph.

Hailing from the quaint district of Kolar in Karnataka, Nandini was nurtured in an environment of academic excellence, courtesy of her parentage—her father being a teacher. Armed with intellect and ambition, she pursued her undergraduate education in civil engineering from the esteemed MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore.

Following her graduation, Nandini embarked on a professional journey, securing employment in the Public Works Department of Karnataka. However, it was her firsthand exposure to the intricacies of governmental operations that ignited her fervor to pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), as reported by News18.

Nandini’s odyssey through the UPSC labyrinth was fraught with challenges and setbacks. Her initial attempt in 2013 proved unsuccessful, failing to clear even the Preliminary stage. Undeterred, she persisted, achieving a commendable AIR-642 in her second endeavor, albeit falling short of the IAS cutoff, which led her to a position in the Indian Revenue Service.

Yet, Nandini’s heart remained steadfast on her aspiration to don the coveted IAS uniform. Determined to surmount obstacles, she made the pivotal decision to relocate to Delhi, where she immersed herself in rigorous preparation at a coaching center. However, fate dealt her a harsh blow when she was struck down by dengue fever prior to her third attempt at the mains examination.

Despite the setback, Nandini’s resolve remained unyielding. Although forced to forgo her chance at the exam due to illness, she refused to be deterred. Her perseverance bore fruit in her fourth and final attempt, as she emerged triumphant, clinching the pinnacle of success with an unparalleled achievement—an All India Rank-1 in the UPSC 2016 examination.

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