UPSC Success Story: Meet IAS Vijay Wardhan Who Failed 35 Exams Before Clearing Civil Services | India News

  • February 10, 2024

New Delhi: In the tapestry of life, the resounding mantra of “Never Ever Give Up” finds its profound embodiment in the remarkable odyssey of IAS Vijay Wardhan. Enduring the crucible of disappointment, he weathered the storm of failure in a staggering 35 examinations before triumphantly scaling the pinnacle of success by conquering India’s most formidable Civil Services Examination.

The saga of IAS Vijay Wardhan stands as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for countless UPSC aspirants embarking on their arduous journey.

Hailing from Sirsa, Haryana, Vijay Wardhan’s educational voyage commenced in the corridors of his hometown’s schools before navigating towards Hisar for a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering. Despite fervently pursuing approximately 30 different examinations, encompassing the likes of Haryana PCS, UPPSC, SSC, and CGL, victory continued to elude his grasp.

Undeterred by the relentless barrage of setbacks, Vijay Wardhan remained steadfast in his resolve, undiminished in spirit. Relocating to the bustling streets of Delhi, he resolved to confront the UPSC challenge head-on. The year 2014 marked his inaugural attempt, yet success remained elusive. Undeterred, he persisted through four consecutive endeavors, each met with the sting of failure.

Yet, beneath the weight of perseverance lay the seeds of triumph. In 2018, the fruit of his unwavering toil blossomed as he clinched the UPSC with a commendable All India Rank (AIR) of 104, ascending to the rank of IPS. However, Vijay Wardhan’s aspirations soared higher; the allure of the IAS beckoned with irresistible allure.

Thus, undeterred by past laurels, he embarked on a renewed quest, emerging triumphant in 2021 as an esteemed IAS officer. At long last, the tapestry of his dreams was woven into reality, a testament to his indomitable will.

Reflecting on his journey, Vijay Wardhan imparted invaluable wisdom to fellow aspirants, emphasizing the intrinsic power of self-belief and adaptability. In his words, “You are your own best teacher. One ought to always have faith in their capacity while making decisions. If some process is not working for you, then you need to make changes. You can’t repeat the same process you’re following.”

Through the prism of his life, Vijay Wardhan’s narrative serves as a poignant reminder, echoing the clarion call to never relinquish hope and persevere unyieldingly towards the realization of one’s aspirations.

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