Uttar Pradesh: 5-year-old girl kidnapped for ransom, killed in Agra, 2 arrested

A five-year-old girl was killed in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district after she was kidnapped by her uncle over a land dispute, police said. Two people, including the uncle, have been arrested.

The victim, whose identity was withheld at the request of her family, was abducted from her house in Pharaira village on Tuesday evening. According to sources close to the family, the kidnappers had demanded a hefty ransom of Rs 6 lakh for her safe return.

The girl’s father had informed the police about the kidnapping after he was unable to arrange the money. The police launched a search operation and found the body of the girl in a mustard farm on the outskirts of Pharaira village on Thursday.

The police have launched a full-scale investigation into the kidnapping and murder.

DCP Atul Sharma told India Today that the girl’s uncle, Amit, was arrested in connection with the kidnapping. Sharma said Amit confessed to the crime and his friend, Nikhil, a resident of the neighbouring village, had helped him.

The girl’s murder took place on Nikhil’s farm and he has also been arrested, Sharma added.

During questioning, Amit alleged the girl’s grandfather had cheated him by buying 5 bighas of his land at a very low price. He said the kidnapping was done only to recover the amount he had lost in the land deal.

He said when the girl’s father could not pay the ransom, he killed the girl.

The girl’s grandfather told India Today that Amit was also looking for the girl and nobody suspected that he would commit such a heinous act. He demanded the strictest punishment for both Amit and Nikhil.

The victim’s family has called for swift justice for the girl.

Published By:

Prateek Chakraborty

Published On:

Mar 22, 2024

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