Whatever Happened To Monkey Mat After Shark Tank?

  • February 12, 2024

Courtney Turich and Christie Barany pitch Monkey Mat on Season 5, Episode 22 of “Shark Tank.” They’re looking for $100,00 in trade for 30% of the company, and are in the market for a shark who can help them get into more retail markets. They explain that they have made $61,000 through sales on their website and 51 brick-and-mortar shops, such as Lullabye Baby. They say the mat retails for $39.95 because of the cost of materials, and that their manufacturer is in China. They put them together for $13.14 per unit.

The retail price raises the shark’s eyebrows. Impressed by the ease of use of the product as well as its possible uses, they all want to lower the price range to make the Monkey Mat more palatable to mainstream audiences. Most of them want it down to $9.95 per unit. Kevin O’Leary doesn’t want to noodle down the product’s cost properly and is out. Robert Herjavec is also intrigued by the Monkey Mat, but doesn’t know how to get the price down, and withdraws from consideration. Mark Cuban loves the product wholeheartedly, but is concerned about the price. Barbara Corcoran doesn’t think the product is hip enough and also thinks it’s too expensive — she, too, is out. 

It’s Lori Greiner who rides to the rescue of the Monkey Mat team. She thinks they have a market, but is unsure about the price. She and Mark Cuban put their heads together and agree to go in on a deal together — $100,000 for 35% of the business. Barany and Tuich agree to the deal, and they leave with two sharks at their disposal.

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