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NEW DELHI: In a surprising turn of events, Rohan Gupta, the Congress candidate from the Ahmedabad East constituency, has withdrawn his candidature merely six days after being nominated. Citing his father’s critical health condition, Gupta expressed his inability to continue in the electoral race in a statement posted on the social media platform ‘X’. “Due to a serious medical condition, my father has been admitted to hospital and I am withdrawing my candidature for the Ahmedabad east parliament seat as a Congress Candidate. I will extend complete support to the new candidate nominated by the party,” Gupta said. 



This abrupt decision has dealt a significant blow to the Congress party, intensifying the challenge of securing a suitable replacement candidate at such a crucial juncture, just days before the impending Lok Sabha elections.

Gupta, a familiar face in television news debates, was poised to contest from a seat currently held by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hasmukh Patel. The sudden withdrawal has not only disrupted the party’s electoral strategy but has also left Gujarat Congress leaders visibly dismayed and grappling with the urgent task of finding an alternative candidate.

Who Is Rohan Gupta?

Rohan Gupta, aged 46, emerged as a prominent figure within the Congress ranks, known for his articulate presence in national media discussions. He has been a former head of the Congress’s social media team, His nomination on March 13 was seen as a strategic move by the party to bolster its prospects in the upcoming polls. However, Gupta’s past controversy, which led to his removal as head of the Congress’s social media team two years ago, resurfaced in the wake of his candidacy. Despite this setback, the party endorsed his candidacy, only to face this unexpected setback.

The Congress, which had announced seven candidates in Gujarat, including sitting MLAs and former legislators, now finds itself in a precarious position following Gupta’s withdrawal. With the state set to vote on May 7 in the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections, the party faces the formidable task of regrouping and reasserting its electoral presence amidst the BJP’s stronghold.

Countdown To Elections In Gujarat

As the electoral clock ticks closer to polling day, the Congress must swiftly navigate the aftermath of Gupta’s departure while striving to regain momentum in Gujarat’s political landscape. With the BJP’s dominant performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the upcoming elections pose a critical test for the Congress’s resurgence in the state. As the nation awaits the unfolding dynamics of the electoral battlefield, the Congress grapples with the challenge of reshaping its strategy and reclaiming lost ground in the heartland of Gujarat.

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