Why Fiat Bettors Will Eventually Turn to $BCB: 5 Reasons  

  • February 16, 2024

Future of Betting: Exploring Rise of $BCB in Global Gambling Markets!

Fiat (a government-issued currency like $ or €) betting is falling off. Its flaws include region restrictions, long processing times, centralization, and fees. The Coin Republic readers know web3 doesn’t have these.

That’s why the emergence of blockchain betting was a matter of time. But who knew it would be so successful? According to the CoinMarketCap chart, in December 2023, $BCB increased 3 times its average price. Now it’s around $0.035.

What’s the reason for such a gain? Today’s page will present the rise of the $BCB, explaining the benefits that launched it. We start!

From $WCI to $BCB

The $BCB story starts from the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup. Fans anticipated the event. So, crypto pioneers interested in sports betting decided to build a FIFA crypto-betting platform.

It was based on EVM. The token was called $WSI and was solely for FIFA 2022 betting. The experiment was a success.

Thousands of bettors all around the globe purchased $WCI to make their DeFi wagers. Why? Primarily due to the blockchain betting benefits that we’ll expose next. But there was also a lottery.

$WCI sent its 10% betting tax to a lottery prize. Every blockchain bettor had a chance to win it, which promoted a platform well.

After an immense $WCI success, the project was destined for expansion. It turned $WCI into $BCB. Now, it’s a platform and a coin for betting (sports and eSports) and casino playing.

$BCB is Destined for Growth, and Here’s Why

Web3 revolutionizes the 21st century. This new network phase brings many pleasant benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology. $BCB inherits them. So, here are $BCB features that pave its way into the future.

True Decentralization 

When you bet with $BCB, nobody can interfere with your transactions. Only you control your data. It means you can be 100% sure casinos can’t manipulate your wagers to deceive you. Only the revolut casino payment system can probably compete with $BCB in terms of trust level.

And that’s huge. Since 2019, the casino fraud rate has grown by over 30%. Cybercriminals would steal your funds and data, allowing them to access your wallets. 

Who wants such risks? With $BCB, they disappear for anyone, regardless of location. Here’s why.

Global Coverage

Many bookies claim they cover the majority of the globe. In 99%, it’s a deception. The thing is, payment methods are connected to regions. So, it’s complicated for platforms to get payments for all the countries.

$BCB doesn’t have area restrictions. It allows you to bet from anywhere as long as it has an internet connection. But there is another possible difficulty.

Countries can ban $BCB. If that’s your case, you can just run a VPN and bet with 0 problems.

No Processing Time 

Once again, miners save us. Thanks to their shared computing power, $BCB payments are processed in literally no time. That’s huge for betting.

Imagine a situation where you must bet on a match with favorable odds, considering it starts in 10 minutes. A credit card is the fastest non-crypto deposit method – it takes 15 minutes. It means you would bet live. That’s an entirely different wager with new odds.

But with a $BCB, you would be able to avoid that. If you want to get the closest, fast-processing experience with fiat currency, these instant cashout casinos might suit your needs.

No Fees 

Traditionally, non-crypto casinos charge a 1 – 2% fee for withdrawals. But that’s a necessity. As a criminal may try to withdraw your money, the bookie makes an extra effort to ensure it doesn’t happen.

$BCB and other coins are very secure. That’s why cybercriminals can’t get into your profile and easily steal cash. And that’s why you don’t pay fees.

You Stay Incognito 

$BCB doesn’t ask for a KYC. It means you don’t have to provide any personal information before betting. It’s also good for security. If the bookie’s cloud doesn’t store your personal information, criminals can’t steal it and use it against you.

Moreover, $BCB doesn’t imprint betting in your expense history. So, blockchain betting is perfect if you want to hide your leisure from your bank or the boss.

Final Thoughts 

Crypto coins walk into the future, leading all the web3 platforms. $BCB is among them. It offers:

– Low fees;
– Absolute coverage;
– Instant processing;
– Incognito;
– Decentralization of power.

With these benefits, blockchain leaves no chances for fiat bookies that use USD, GBP or payid payment systems as their main ones. Sure, they’ll hold for some time. But eventually, crypto technologies will get into everyone’s lives, including bettors’. The question is, how soon?

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